Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions of Sales

1. Any purchase order placed by the Customer is subject to acceptance by Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd. If a purchase order has not previously been accepted, issuance of a tax invoice or the supply of goods or services by Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd will constitute acceptance of the purchase order on these terms and conditions.

2. Our prices do not include any devices or service, training, commissioning, any statutory permits, site access fees and induction program not stated on the quote.

3. Buyer acknowledges that upon receipt of product Buyer has five business days to notify Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd if the order received is not satisfactory. This includes receipt of wrong product, order not filled completely, missing parts, etc. After seven days of receipt, Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd assumes Buyer’s order has been processed and fulfilled properly.

4. Product prices do not include Packing nor delivery fees unless otherwise stated on the quote.

5. The quoted prices are only valid when all items on the quotation have been selected for ordering. Prices may vary without notice if the customer’s Purchase order does not include all items on this quotation.

6. This quote remains valid for 30 days ONLY (unless otherwise stated on the quote) and supersedes any previous quotes for these devices.

7. Terms of payment: When you place an order, we will issue you with a deposit invoice which will be based on 50% of the quotation price (unless otherwise stated on the quote). Balance, due on delivery or before dispatching the goods to be paid via net cash (unless otherwise stated on the quote). Please note that Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd will not proceed with any purchasing, sub-contract or fabrication work until the deposit has been paid in full.

8. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd does its best to estimate lead times, when applicable, and estimate delivery dates. However, due to factors that are often beyond our control, Buyer acknowledges that Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd has made no guarantees as to the actual date of delivery. Buyer further acknowledges that this sale is no way contingent upon a specified date of delivery. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any costs incurred should Buyer have project deadlines that are not met.

9. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd reserves the right to reject a customer's order cancellation request.

10. Where Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd does accept an order cancellation, the request must be in writing and arrive within 24 hours of the original Purchase order. Customers must keep Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd's written acceptance of the ORDER CANCELLATION. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd does not verbally authorise order cancellations under any circumstances.

11. Where Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd agrees to accept returned goods, there will be a 20% restocking fee in addition to the freight fee.

12. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd will not accept the cancellation of orders under the following circumstances: Custom Made, Modified and/or specially purchased items and Devices imported at the customer's request.

13. Goods purchased through Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd are covered under the Manufacturer's warranty only. The warranty covers parts that are deemed to have a manufacturing fault. Deliberately and/or accidentally damaged goods will not be covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty. The manufacturer or Agent has the final decision regarding the repair or replacement of goods or their parts under warranty.

14. Lucent Pacific Pty Ltd is required to collect GST from its customers on the behalf of the Australian Taxation Office unless there is reasonable proof of an exclusion from this fee (e.g. Businesses operating outside Australia are exempt from paying GST).

15. Prices for imported goods are subjected to exchange rate variation.