Company Overview
Lucent Pacific has been established in Sydney/Australia as a LED Lighting supplier and solution provider by Javid, Poulad and Ghazal. A highly-specialized business with core competence in LED-based space lighting applications.

We offer sophisticated lighting products using energy efficient, high quality, cost-effective and environment-friendly LEDs for commercial and residential purposes. Required by architectural, interior designers, developers and engineering firms as well as retailers. Lucent Pacific’s products are backed by latest technology and developed by engineers and designers who have great experiences in the lighting industry.

Our products are designed to assist our customers to create an affordable and modern visual environment in commercial and residential applications.
Our mission
To become a reliable, responsible and committed advisor to our clients.

Our vision
Creating more value, success and opportunity for our customers.

Our Values
Fairness, diversity, respect for ideas and creativity, training, safety and motivation for our employees.Building a profitable business where owners and partners are happy to be working with people they are dealing with.We supply clean and environment-friendly solutions as a commitment to our society.We do the job right the first time.

At Lucent Pacific, we are keen to assist businesses to bring innovation and make a green environment to shine Australia.